Put simply, we help you identify and implement change programs that will have the biggest and fastest positive impact on your company's profitability. Each situation and assignment is different, however we will follow a tried and tested four step process that will deliver exceptional value to your business.

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Diagnosis is a critical and often neglected step. Many leadership teams believe they know what is important but have no facts or data to back it up.
Our first step will be to gather impartial data by observation and review of financials, and compare this with external benchmarks. A critical question in this stage is "what is your current bottleneck to performance". Sometimes this is 'demand side' and sometimes it is 'supply side'. Knowing this is critical to deciding on your priorities.

Client 7


Once we know the current state, we help you to define where you want to be- the 'target condition'. At the same time, we help you design the change approach and how you will get there, what will be the obstacles to be overcome and how will you tackle them? How do you take your staff with you and how do you build their capabilities? We will help you craft the necessary communications of the "Why" and the "What" of the change you are contemplating.

Client 8


Nothing has been achieved until the change is implemented! We have a wealth of experience in helping speedy and successful implementation, be it a new IT solution, a process improvement or introduction of a new product or service. Effective project management, coupled with effective change management is the key to effective implementation. Productivity Matters prides its self on implementing change in a 'Masterful' way, which empowers your staff to be co-creators of the "How" during the change, which improves ownership and dramatically increases the likelihood of success.

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All too often improvements fail to deliver the anticipated benefits, or sustain beyond the initial project implementation phase. We find that a rigorous approach to benefit delivery, performance management and employee training are key to sustaining benefits. Again we have tried and proven methods to maintain engagement, instil a culture of continuous improvement and embed the change as the new standard. If this is your challenge, Productivity Matters can help.