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Independent advisory service to SMEs in the North West



Your partner in growth and productivity

Productivity Matters provides advisory services to help medium sized enterprises to maximise their potential. If you believe that your company is capable of greater profit and productivity then Productivity Matters can help.

Every manufacturing facility is different, with unique challenges and opportunities, there is no magic formular for success!

Productivity Matters will:

  • Listen, to gain deep understanding of your situation.

  • Challenge, to ensure you have a real grasp on your opportunities and barriers to success.

  • Advise, on a broad range of topics, based on over 35 years of manufacturing experience in Blue Chip organsitions.

Specialist areas include:

  • Developing a growth strategy and plan.

  • Funding, grants and financing.

  • De-bottlenecking of capacity.

  • Inventory optimisation (freeing working capital to re-invest in your business.)

  • Change management (IT systems implementation, benefit delivery)

  • Process improvements, Lean manufacturing methods, process simulation.

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John has a real passion  to help UK medium sized companies, (I first met him when I particpated in the "Productivity through People program" at Lancaster University). Within a few short visits to our facility he had a good grasp of the business and was able to help us identify our priorities. He reduced the complex situation down to the critical one or two things that will make an immediate difference and then helped us develop plans to address these priorities. He is equaly at home in the board room and on the shop floor, and quickly established trust with both myself and the operational staff. His initial report and recommendations were analytical, clear, relevant and very easy to understand. He is now helping us to implement these recommendations.

Chris Blade (CEO Cumbria Crystal)

John is an exellent coach on change management and Continuous Improvement. He has a wealth of experience built up over many years and I always found our conversations opened my mind to alternatives I had not thought of.

Plant Manager - NSG group

John has a proven ability to work at a strategic level and can also lead hands on Diagnostic and Transformation activities with great effect. Through combining well developed LeanSigma skills with a long standing interest in change management, John has the rare ability to identify potential improvements and ensure they can be both implemented and sustained. Working with John is very rewarding and each time I always learn something new.

Jeremmy Kent - CI consultant Major Pharma Company

John is a passionate champion of retaining and creating jobs in the UK via the systematic and appropriate application of Improvement Science. He does this by engaging employees at all levels and by translating the processes and techniques he applied at GSK to organisations of very different sizes and types and to diverse groups in challenging circumstances. On a personal level, John is a values-driven colleague who is a pleasure to work with

Frank Devine - Coach to Shingo Prize winners



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